Middle Aged Tweens (MATS) was formed at the Landings in November of 2017 and interest in group exceeded our expectations. Over 100 residents of the Landings who are “in between” their years of raising a family and their years of being fully-retired empty nesters have joined MATSkidaway.  Most of the members of this group still have some of the responsibilities of raising children. Many of the members and/or their spouses are working full time or part-time; either locally, remotely from home, or traveling globally. Others have found themselves caring for aging parents.  Some are only part-time residents and some are not members of the Landings Club.

Our events are very casual and include Monthly Socials, Mens Poker Night, Book Groups, Ladies Night Out, Coffees as well a newly formed Business Group.

Though individual circumstances differ for everyone, most of us are between 45-65, some have lived on Skidaway for years and others are new or only here part-time.  We are comprised of men, women, married, single, and have no political or religious affiliation. This is a very collaborative group whose mission is to acknowledge those whose time is not, yet, quite their own.

For more information please contact Ann Nash: matskidaway@gmail.com   or visit our website: www.matskidaway.com.